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Project framed by legal status

Green Flags

« Ok MY0S, what is a Green Flag? »

The Green Flag idea emerged as a result of the popular growth of NFT projects ! At the time of writing, more than 10 NFT projects are being released every week, making it difficult to decide which projects to follow and, above all, which one you should invest in !

Web 3.0 experts and influencers have therefore devised a number of checkpoints to determine potential and reliability of an NFT project.

Even if these green flags can never ensure the longevity and success of a project. Nevertheless, they can greatly limit the risks for any investment, and correctly conduct your DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Team Transparaceny

Within the framework of a transparent project, it is essential for us to show who we are. Disclosing our identity is, for us, a guarantee of reliability and involvement on our side for the project to be as successful as it can be.

Team Expertise

MY0S is a multicultural team, composed of motivated, creative and competent people in their field. Those members are included in the team for their motivation, their creativity, dynamism, critical thinking as well as their technical skills which are all necessary to the project. Staff titles and credentials can be found on their respective social media platforms.

Project Roadmap

 Our objective is simple: to offer an ambitious, innovative and ,above all, an achievable roadmap, with clear objectives that we will be able to fulfill. Anyone can list amazing goals on their roadmap. Reaching these objectives is only achievable with the seriousness and maturity that accompany projects such as ours.

The Website

The website is an important showcase in a project. To us, it is an essential communication tool and it allows us to share our vision and our dedication to quality content. To us, a functional, attractive and elaborate website is the reflection of our commitment and team organization.

Our Project’s Universe

In order to set ourselves apart from the crowd and to prove our determination to invest and offer quality content, we have designed a fully fledged story, an original fiction universe for MY0S with the purpose of immersing the players in the heart of the project. New features are planned to be released as well (bestiary, flora, resources,… )

Project Illustrations

Even though illustration design is not a key element per say in an NFT project, partly because all shapes and tastes are catered for, we wanted to include an artistic notion within our universe. Fragan, who is currently our experienced illustrator, offers his talent and his vision of art to illustrate the different characters and civilizations of MY0S.

Project Safety

This is the hallmark of our project, on which we will devote most of our time, budget and effort. A project can’t be properly planned for the long haul while neglecting the safety aspect of it. 

Several aspects fit into this theme: 

  • Blockchain Security.
  • Smart Contracts Security.
  • Our Software Security.

We have already planned to deal with these aspects with risk analysis, security audits, certifications and code controls, bug bounty programs,…

Open-source Smart Contracts

In accordance with our will of transparency, we publish our Smart contracts and all the modifications brought to them in Open Source. Our developers also have the habit of providing numerous comments within their code, allowing an easy understanding for people who are new to programming language.

Legal Aspects

We are starting a French business company. This initiative is serving several objectives

  • Firstly : To legally protect our team from future yet unknown regulations, which could compromise the future of MY0S 
  • Secondly : to protect ourselves from any problems with the French tax department and/or taxes on the profit generated by the project ;
  • Thirdly : to protect our project internally, to avoid any member leaving with all the MY0S properties or earnings ;
  • Fourthly : our partnership procedures with associations / foundations / companies will be taken more seriously if we can show that we are a real tax-paying French company.


Since the beginning of the MY0S project, we put a lot of emphasis on communication, most notably with our community. We use different social networks, such as Twitter, Discord and Youtube, each with a well-defined role.

Transparency remains one of our hallmarks, so we provide podcasts to keep the community informed about the progress of the project in the different sections.

Financial Independence

One of the strong points of the MY0S project is its independence. What do we mean by that?

Simply put, unlike too many other projects, we do not wait for the MINT to achieve our goals. We already have the manpower, organizational, material and financial resources to develop our P2E. The success of the MINT will be an opportunity to open up new possibilities for the MY0S project !