Choose. Explore. Evolve.

Innovative project

Our project is centered on a new and innovative concept, that is the RpVerse.

The MY0S project offers players the opportunity to play a unique character within the RPverse and to make it evolve!

  • Explore humanity’s new planet: Menulosk.
  • Participate in missions, scenarios and quests.
  • Make impactful decisions for Myos’s story
  • Craft and upgrade your gear.
  • Evolve your hero !

A unique universe

XXIV century. Humankind is on the verge of extinction. The earth is decaying and is soon to be inhabitable.

Facing this new reality, there is only one hope: to find an exile land in the far reaches of space. Shuttles owned by the MY0S mission are sent across the entire galaxy, hopping the coordinates collected by space probes will lead travelers to a new safe haven. One of them reached Menulosk, with more than 100,000 humankind’s representatives on board.

Humankind thrives on this new planet. Ideal for life development, a prosperous civilization, named Yllarkhos, quickly arose. But after an unexpected event, conflicts broke out and disagreements led to a schism among the population. Three leaders took their followers with them, dividing the Yllarkhos into three distinct factions.

Discover the three factions that populate the planet Menulosk

Which hero will you incarnate ?


Teach your children what we have taught to ours, the Earth is our Mother. Whatever happens and benefits the earth, also happens and benefits the sons of the earth. Hail to you, beautiful mother of the harvest, Earth of life, magnificent mother of warriors !