Once the Great Split occurred, one of the three leaders formed the Ark-IA faction.

The Ark-ia people chose to adopt technology. After years of research, they developed a system that enabled them to control an avatar remotely. Now armed with artificial intelligence, these androids allow pilots to move easily and safely on the battlefield.

After a conflicting event on Menulosk, the new land of exile, the people decided to undertake training programs. Warriors of four distinct specializations emerged to defend the new lands of humanity.

Specialization Ark-IA

The Guardian

A guardian sentry, this colossus alone ensures the protection of places and lighter units. Heavily metallic, sturdy, durable, the Guardian can withstand a lot of damage from incoming enemies.

The Wise

« The world is only binary and probabilities. The matrices of future times are mine, punctuated by functional algorithms. »

The Splitter

« Unit C-03 reporting for duty. » Model : T-X01, Body : Metallic Alloys / Carbon, AI Chip : DMA Nezyr 21″

The Phantom

« Feel the absence of reality, the volatile lost breath that pierces your senses… Death lurks around every corner. Dying is easy when you don’t know what’s coming for you.»

History of the Ark-IA

« Hello to you humans. I am Cia – [ Cognitive Intelligence Autonomous ]. »
« I  can sense tensions within your ranks, a war is coming. Your lives are threatened, the likelihood of your species going extinct recently jumped to 23%. My role will be instrumental in your research and decision making. »

They couldn’t help but have a look of wonder on their faces, the hours of research and investment had come to an end. Cia was ready. At the time of the Great Split, Nauotit was fully convinced and announced with composure that the future of humans would be based on artificial intelligence and the development of war machines. He never doubted once, what the future had in store would only strengthen his resolve

After several years of intensive research, led by Cia, a very promising prototype of a new model of combat weapon, the CIRA – [ Cognitive Intelligence Robotic Armor ] was released, the next few days were crucial for the Ark-AI program success.

“I love the smell of armored plating in the early morning” , Nauotit proudly said in front of these metal alloys. A metallic colossus, nearing five tons and powered by a dual plasma reactor, power and technology had just sealed a pact with glory.

The hangar was gigantic, with armor and steel forming an impenetrable wall for the average person. The activity was sustained and meticulously planned. Everyone knew their assignment and how to reach their objectives. 

 This organization was a well oiled machine, the collaboration amongst machines and men for so long led to an unexpected yet remarkable bond tying the two together.  Humans were assisted and supported by bodies of steel, punctuated by carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.

The humanoid concept itself was not a revolution. They had already been on Earth for years, used for assistance, dangerous missions and research. But where the words novelty and evolution made sense was in their design. The humanoids created were designed for war, strong and reliable, they were made to seek and destroy. 

The main technological development that would change everything for the people was the ability to merge human critical-thinking and decision-making skills to the physical performance of the steel bodies. They were in control, and those machines responded perfectly to movements, analyses and decisions of their bionome.

« We had always imagined a world where humans would coexist with machines, but we never dared to imagine the two would become one… »