Once the Great Split occurred, one of the three leaders built the Ylldrasia faction.

Convinced that the future of civilization rests on the gift of Mother Gaïa’s Blessings, the Ylldrasians firmly believe in directing forces based on these gifts. 
In return, Mother Gaia would offer vigor and courage to her faithful.

After a conflicting event on Menulosk, the new land of exile, the people decided to undertake training programs. Warriors of four distinct specializations emerged to defend the new lands of humanity.  

Specialization Ylldrase

The Guardian

« Rock has the ability to stand the test of time and ensure stillness. It Therefore, it provides genuine resilience. »

The Wise

« The water memory contains ancient energies. To master its essence is to control the corridors of time. »

The Splitter

« Rage ignites the heart and sets ablaze the infinite fervor to win. »

The Phantom

« Who is struck by lightning does not hear the thunder. When it strikes, only the sound of my distant steps remains. »

History of the Ylldrasia civilization

« Mom, the Naxas spoke to me… »

« Nahoy, you know these animals don’t talk… »

He was no taller than 3 Naxas (a harmless animal species discovered on the planet Ménulosk). As a small boy born on Menulosk, he had no admiration for anything but the Splitter of his civilization. He admired their courage, their resistance, but above all, he was ecstatic about their mastery of sword fighting. Every evening, Nahoy used to go to the forest behind his house to train and, as he said, « build up his muscles » hoping that one day he would become a Splitter himself.

He was part of the Ylldrasia people, and lived like all his peers in harmony with nature. Shortly after the Great Split, the Ylldrase people moved into the dense and dangerous forests of Menulosk to prosper and follow their destiny. They quickly learned to tame the various elements of nature, from which each of the fighters drew their strength.

The Guardians draw their strength and stability from rock, while the Splitters strike down their enemies with sacred fire. The Wise Ones, after weeks of meditation, managed to harness their wisdom from water memory, leaving lightning to the Phantoms, allowing the latter to move at sonic speed and swift reflexes.

But that evening in March 2454, despite all his efforts to become a Splitter, Nahoy understood that he was destined for a different future… Going into the forest as he did every day, he took his favorite path, the one leading to the source of life. But Nahoy understood that an evil presence was lurking around, he felt it deep inside. Like an unpleasant, unstoppable and increasingly oppressive chill. As he walked slowly forward, he saw an inanimate figure of a man on the ground in the distance. He approached and recognized his Ylldrase leader, Nagraf. 
He was bleeding, with deep wounds, certainly from a fierce fight. 

 Nahoy had no other choice but to flee from the scene as an Erusrom pounced on him. The young boy managed to dodge the animal’s savage attack, but the second one grazed his chest… He knew deep down that no one had ever managed to get out of a fight with an Erusrom alive. These infamous and deadly creatures leave no chance for their prey… The cries of pain and the bestial roars echoed through the forest and reached the village. The frightened residents ran in troops towards the forest. When they arrived, they could only see the corpse of their leader Nagraf , flayed and with abundant wounds. Nahoy’s mother, who had recognised his cries, realized, as she picked up her son’s sword from the ground, that this time he would not be coming back…

A monument was carved in the center of the village, in memory of Nagraf who gave his life to protect Nahoy. Deprived of their leader, the Ylldrase decided to leave the forest and to exile themselves to different destinations, thus dividing themselves into several distinct clans…

15 years have passed since Nagraf’s disappearance. Nahoy’s mother has never stopped believing in her son’s return. The story is told to the Ylldrase children and inspires the legend of the people.

« Great wise, how can I be sure that my son has not lost his life this day ? »

« Gaïa leaves little to chance. Since the accident, neither Nahoy nor the Erusrom have reappeared … and it is unlikely that they both lost their lives. »

« But … What do you mean by that? What am I missing ? »

« Gaïa is generous and protective of those who respect her, and yet both Nahoy and Erusrom lived in harmony and respected this land. Perhaps, instead of keeping them apart and granting death to one or the other, she has decided to reunite them… »